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My name is Cynthia

I have been an art director in the Twin Cities since 1994, specializing in art directing catalogs, direct mail, point-of-purchase and promotional material. I designed successful direct-response campaigns for Red Wing Shoes, United Health Group and the University of Minnesota. I have also designed national point-of-purchase promotions for got milk?/Milk Mustache; produced direct mail customer acquisition programs for Prudential Bank; created customer loyalty program for Schwan’s Preferred customers; designed collateral materials for licensors such as Disney, Warner Bros., Rugrats, NHL, NBA and MLB; and, redesigned a 120-page product catalog for DecoPac, a leading cake decoration company. Most recently I created a fresh look for two local Wyoming companies CoyoteHunter.Net and Box Creek Outfitters; and designed the new construction website for Lisa Burridge and Associates.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in communications from the College of Visual Arts and my Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota - where the nature of visual representation in Roman Antiquity was the topic of my creative thesis.


I have a passion for teaching and have 13+ years experience teaching the applications, principles and theories of art and graphic design at the college and university level. I am currently a tenured Foundation and Graphic Design instructor at Casper College. My responsibilities are creating and developing the curriculum for the graphic design associates degree program. My number one goal is to give my students the tools they will need to acquire a Graphic Design position, or to give them the essential guidance and instruction to successfully transfer to a four year institution


I also make a practice of creating fine art, whether it be creating another painting for my "Pixels of an Embrace" series, painting a recycled window with world monuments like the Eiffel Tower or the Roman Colosseum, or trying out new mediums and techniques such as encaustic paint, fabric surface design or trying my hand at metal casting, creating the human form inspired by ancient Greek and Roman sculptures.


In essence, art and design is my life. I allow the world around me to influence and inspire my work. Like Michelangelo once said

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